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A simple introduction to chant circles.

This CD is an introduction to hosting or participating in a chant circle.  Everything you need to get started is included:

-Description and history of our experience with chant circles.
-Booklet of instructions and suggestions for hosting a chant circle.
-Easy chants to sing along - for you, and all participants to learn the simple melodies.
-Written words for all the chants.

Even if you have never attended a chant circle, you will find it easy and fun to chant right along with us!   ; )

A Message from Linda:

"Welcome to Chanting For Everybody, a simple introduction to Chant Circles.  My name is Linda and I have been participating in small community chant circles for over 15 years. The first one I attended was in the basement of a home.  It took place once a month and I met a variety of wonderful, interesting people and made some very dear friends who are still chanting with me today in my home.  

I have attended chant circles in community centres, co-op housing common rooms, church meeting rooms and halls, yoga studios, wellness centres and backyards.

Since I host a chant circle in my home, that is my favourite location, but there are benefits to all possible locations.  You can create and enjoy the one that works for you.

I invite you to listen to this CD , learn the chants and organize or participate in a chant circle. It is not necessary to be a ‘singer’ or have a ‘good voice’ - your voice is perfect.  These Chants are simple and easy to learn for ‘everybody’.  The objective is to create a safe and fun environment, with a positive intention for individual and group exploration.

After chanting together with a group and co-creating with sound you are naturally drawn to create friendship and community.

The individual and community benefits of chanting are outlined in the accompanying booklet and on our website, ChantingForEverybody.com.

If you choose to chant along with this CD every day for three weeks, you will be amazed at how your own voice has improved and your Spirit will be uplifted.

May you be well, may you be happy and may you prosper in Loving Kindness."


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Chanting for Everybody

Chanting for Everybody